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Defending History With Knowledge

Enter a world of historic knowledge and education like no other. Within Swords2Armor you can entertain your mind with new interests rooted in ancient Celtic, Greek, Roman, Medieval or Renaissance periods. Learn about historic weapons and armor as well as historic clothing and more.

Swords2Armor is dedicated to gathering unique education of historical time periods at a level of detail rarely found these days. Fantasy worlds of old are revealed as they truly occurred. Additional information from our current century is included only when relevant or advantageous.

There are a variety of subjects to explore within the time periods and we are posting them regularly. Greek fashion, foods and medicine plus the Celtic era are available now.

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Additional completed topics include general information on swords and daggers, sword training and techniques, Damascus sword making, Japanese Samurai Katana, battle ready swords, basic sword parts and blade terminology as well as the importance of knowing the difference in sword materials.

The French Musketeers are reviewed as is fashion in the European Renaissance, Renaissance Life and Renaissance swords and daggers.

Medieval knights are a favorite subject for everyone and we include details on chainmail armor, medieval swords and daggers, the first knighting ceremony from 1346 and a modern-day Christian Knighting Ceremony.

The Roman era is another historic favorite and we explore a variety of Roman short swords, other Roman swords and daggers, and roman swordsmithing and materials. For those interested in learning how to create a good holiday or party costume, review our Roman costume basic hints and tips.

Miscellaneous other topics are coming soon including details on the Viking Era, St. Patrick, Leprechauns, Jim Bowie and his knife, Leonardo de Vinci, and for those who really love history we have interior decorating tips for a medieval room.

For the adventurous scholars, references are included so you can be assured the core material is supported. Here and there, derived opinions are shared for your pondering and discussion among your peers. And a few articles are included for your amusement.

Please enjoy your time traveling through history while visiting Swords2Armor.com.